Old Fashioned On Purpose

S6 E8: Dehydrating Powders: A Simple, Space-Saving Way to Preserve Fruits & Vegetables with Darci Baldwin

August 05, 2021 Jill Winger Season 6 Episode 8
Old Fashioned On Purpose
S6 E8: Dehydrating Powders: A Simple, Space-Saving Way to Preserve Fruits & Vegetables with Darci Baldwin
Show Notes

A few episodes ago, my friend Jessica and I laid out all the basics when it comes to getting started with dehydrating. Today, I'm thrilled to be joined be Darci Baldwin to push this conversation even further. Darci is an author and blogger who specializes in helping homesteader preserve their harvests through dehydration and pantry planning. In today's episode, we discuss why you have to be careful when dehydrating proteins, Darci's favorite fruits & veggies for dehydrating, how to prevent moisture from getting into your food, dehydrating canned fruits & vegetables, and much more. Darci has almost exclusively used dehydration to preserve her harvests, so she bring plenty of knowledge and experience to share on the subject!

Connect with Darci below:

Blog: thepurposefulpantry.com
YT:  youtube.com/thepurposefulpantry
IG: instagram.com/thepurposefulpantry
FB: facebook.com/thepurposefulpantry
Group: facebook.com/groups/dehydratingtipsandtricks/
Pinterest: pinterest.com/thepurposefulpantry 
Book: Dehydrating Basics: FAQ's, Tips and Tricks

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