Old Fashioned On Purpose

S9 E4: Homesteading as a Teen

May 09, 2022 Jill Winger Season 9 Episode 4
Old Fashioned On Purpose
S9 E4: Homesteading as a Teen
Show Notes

What does it look like to homestead as a teen? What if you're a teen who longs to homestead, but your family doesn't own a farm? What are practical ways you can work towards your dream?

Today Kayla Visser has some helpful, encouraging insights for you. Kayla was managing her own business at 9 (seriously) and many aspects of her family’s brand-new homestead at 13.

Kayla has been a member of The Prairie Homestead team for years, helping run many aspects of our social media and website. And since she recently moved to WY to help on our homestead in person, she joins me live in my studio today.

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