Old Fashioned On Purpose

S8 E9: Solving Sourdough: The Science Behind What Works with Karyn Newman

March 14, 2022 Jill Winger Season 8 Episode 9
Old Fashioned On Purpose
S8 E9: Solving Sourdough: The Science Behind What Works with Karyn Newman
Show Notes

Today we're diving deep into the unseen world of sourdough microbes. Karyn Newman, author of the new book Sourdough by Science, personifies the many parts of our sourdough starters and explains the chemistry happening in our kitchens to help us make perfect sourdough loaves. Every time.

Find out the best time to feed your starter, why the fridge is your starter's friend,  and what character in your starter is the most important one (and how to care for it best).

Even learn how to convert any traditional bread recipe to a sourdough one! 

I learned so much from this episode, even what I've been doing wrong when I try to use my fresh flour to make my sourdough bread and how to fix it. (I couldn't believe how simple this is!)

About the author: Karyn Newman began her professional life in editing, then embarked on a career in the sciences after earning her PhD in cellular and molecular biology. And she also happens to love baking. She loves using her science background to help non-science folks understand the important details of making a perfect loaf of sourdough bread.

Find Karyn on ig: sourdough by science

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