Old Fashioned On Purpose

S8 E3: A Skeptic's Guide to Eating Offal with Ashleigh Vanhouten

January 31, 2022 Jill Winger Season 8 Episode 3
Old Fashioned On Purpose
S8 E3: A Skeptic's Guide to Eating Offal with Ashleigh Vanhouten
Show Notes

A Skeptic's Guide to Eating Offal

I have to confess. There I was, a homesteader who has been raising and butchering our meat for well over a decade, but I didn’t even know the proper way to pronounce “offal,” not alone how to process organ meats to make nutritional meals out of them. 

And I didn’t know if I wanted to know. 

Today I'm talking about the liver and the heart and lots of other good stuff with the author of It Takes Guts and Carnivore-ish and the host of Muscle Maven Radio. Trust me, you’ll see offal in a whole new way (and know how to pronounce it).

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