Old Fashioned On Purpose

S5 E10: How to Grow Your Homestead Business on YouTube with Tim Schmoyer

June 17, 2021 Jill Winger Season 5 Episode 10
Old Fashioned On Purpose
S5 E10: How to Grow Your Homestead Business on YouTube with Tim Schmoyer
Show Notes

Have you ever sunk a TON of your valuable time, energy, and effort into something only to see little-to-no results on the backend? Despite what you might see on my YouTube page now, this was my experience on the platform several years ago when I first started. In fact, I got so frustrated I nearly gave up on it entirely. Does this describe your current circumstance? If so, fear not my friend. Today on the podcast I'm joined by the one and only Tim Schmoyer. Tim is the owner of Video Creators, a company that trains other creators and business owners on how to master the YouTube platform. Throughout our conversation, Tim explains the best way to create an emotional connection through your content, how to tell a great story, how to grow you channel, how to funnel potential customers to your offers and so much more. I know firsthand that Tim is the real deal as he and his company have been instrumental in helping me grow my YouTube presence over the last several years. One thing is for certain, whether you're a complete novice or a seasoned pro, Tim shares extremely valuable insight on all things YouTube. Keep a pen and paper handy as you will be writing his jewels non-stop!

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