Old Fashioned On Purpose

S8 E7: Demystifying Grocery Ingredients with Karalynne Call

February 28, 2022 Jill Winger Season 8 Episode 7
Old Fashioned On Purpose
S8 E7: Demystifying Grocery Ingredients with Karalynne Call
Show Notes

With my guest today, certified nutritionist Karalynne Call, we’re breaking down the details you need to know about the ingredients you find on the grocery store shelves. We discuss many red flags to watch for and a great rule of thumb for someone just starting out on this effort to choose the best ingredients.

Karalynne Call is a mom of 6 who began her own health journey 15 years ago after battling severe depression. She launched her own successful line of clean products in 2019 and offers helpful advice daily on how to make small changes for long-term benefits. 

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